Marriage Apart

It can be challenging to know if your marriage is beyond saving. You might think that all you need is a little time away from each other or some help with communication, but sometimes the problems are so deep-seated that they seem impossible to overcome.

A recent survey conducted by The Huffington Post found that 47% of people who considered their marriage to be in a rut or facing difficulties said that they “thought about divorce every day.”

Fortunately, the National Survey of Family Growth statistics indicates that most marriages (60 percent) do last. But what about the other 40 percent? What is it like to be in such a relationship and wonder if you’ll ever find your way back to love and happiness again?

In this article, the 5 Signs Your Marriage Is Beyond Saving will be explored. While these signs do not necessarily mean that your marriage is doomed, it would be wise to consider seeking counselling before things get any worse than they already are.

There is a Lack of Intimacy in Your Relationship

It can sometimes seem as though you and your spouse have two entirely separate lives going on, with a minimal crossover between the two.

If your spouse is unwilling to engage with you, it may be time to talk about what is going on and see if there’s a way that you can draw yourselves together again.

Physical intimacy, or lack thereof, can also be an indication of trouble in your relationship. It may simply be that the spark has gone out of your love life, but often it can indicate more than that – sometimes, it is just one of many symptoms of deeper problems within the marriage.

When You Can’t Be Faithful Even Though You May Want To

Cheating and infidelity can come in many forms and may not be limited to physical acts. However, if you can’t refrain from looking at or flirting with other people, or if your internet searches are filled with terms like “find a sugar baby,” it is a clear sign that there are unresolved issues in your relationship and that the problem has become much more significant than either of you could handle by yourselves.

According to a study done by Arizona State University, infidelity was found to be one of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce. It might not seem like cheating should have anything to do with whether or not your marriage can be salvaged, but it’s important to remember that the reasons people stray vary widely.

If you’ve cheated on your partner, or they’ve cheated on you, it may mean that deep-seated difficulties exist in the relationship. While this is something that will need to be worked through before a stable and functional marriage exists again, if both parties are willing, the problems can usually be resolved.

When It Feels Like You’re Dragging Your Spouse Through Hell with You

The statistics show that 60% of marriages successfully make it through rough patches and stay together – so why do so many people feel as though their spouse isn’t fighting for them? Is it possible you could be fighting alone?

If you feel your partner is not emotionally invested in the relationship, they may be showing signs that their heart just isn’t in it anymore. Obviously, this can occur for many different reasons, but it will be challenging to have a successful marriage if one spouse wants out.

When You’re More Comfortable Being Alone Than with Your Spouse

Being alone might sound appealing when you’re going through a rough patch with your partner because there’s a chance you’ll get things back on track after some time apart – but being too comfortable being alone is another sign that things have gone from bad to worse.

Both spouses need to be willing participants for marriages to work, so being okay with being without your significant other is a big problem. If this is the case, it might be time to seek out some marriage therapy and see if there’s any way that you can salvage things with your husband or wife before it is too late.

When You Don’t Want to Be Around Each Other Anymore

The final indication that your marriage is in trouble and maybe beyond saving is when it feels like you’d rather spend time away from each other than together.

If you’ve gotten to the point where all you want to do is go home after work and hide in separate rooms of the house, then there is probably very little chance that your relationship will survive. But, again, this does not necessarily mean divorce – it just means that problems need to be worked through, and communication lines need to be reopened between both spouses.

The Bottom Line

If you feel your marriage is beyond saving, you might want to consider reaching out for professional help. Of course, every relationship requires work to maintain, but if you feel like it’s time to throw in the towel, now might not be the best time to give up. Professional marriage counsellors can often help couples find ways to work through their issues and find happiness again.

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